Fast Forward to Pita

Over the weekend, Tim and I made homemade pita and falafel with tzatziki sauce. Here is a sped up video of the process, and proof that two people can work well together in a small apartment kitchen. Enjoy!

To view the video in a larger size, click here!

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17 thoughts on “Fast Forward to Pita

  1. ohhh – that is too freak’n sweet, Amy! thanks for making & sharing the video! i had a huge smile on my face, i was bopping my head to the music (which is fantastical), and chuckling during parts, too! you guys make a great team in the kitchen! i love how you two snacked a little bit & talked to each other while you waited for the yummies to finish cooking. seeing Tim chop up the veggies was really neat, and watching you cutting the dough & measuring it out was so cool! it was all so great! i loved it! thanks again! you totally brightened up my evening!

  2. Amy that was hilarious!!!!! Now, if only things only took about 4 minutes to do! Ok, then again, maybe not, because I’d be eating pitas & hummous all day long! This was fun, and I loved the music, too! Now, is it just me, or does Tim spend a bit of time hanging out over by the microwave “tasting”? Just wondering…

  3. that was awesome! i like how tim has a spot where he leans a lot hahaha… the pitas look like they came out great! yay teamwork! and by the way, your tiny apartment kitchen is huge compared to mine. :P

  4. Hee hee! This is like the coolest thing I’ve ever seen! And did Tim drop some food on the floor and pick it up at one point? I swear I saw that. I was thinking, 3-millisecond rule! (you know, cause in high-speed that was way less than 3 seconds).

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