Just Call Me a Cookie Addict, Will You?


Caraque Cookie Pastires

These pretty cookies were a test recipe for Celine and Joni’s cookbook. The recipe made six, and Tim and I ate all six in less than a day. Ooooooops. These are big shortbread-like cookies with chocolatey goodness, icing, and a fun candy on top. The devouring scenario went something like this:

(talking to self) “Okay, just one more bite.”

Hand reaches into fridge, removes lid from tupperware, takes a cookie out, and chomps happily away.

Cookie goes back into tupperware, lid goes back on tupperware, I leave the kitchen.

Five minutes pass.

(talking to self again) “Seriously, just one more bite.” (The bites growing bigger each time…)

Hand goes into tupperware, cookie disappears, the lid stays off, five minutes pass… See what I mean?! These cookies reminded me of Pepperidge Farm Milano cookies, only so much better. They are buttery, chocolatey, crispy, awesome. Oh, and did I mention they are easy to make? Now you must buy the 500 Vegan Recipes cookbook when it makes its way to your nearest bookstore! You just must!!!

Also, don’t forget to enter a comment here, for a chance to win some homemade bulk food/produce bags. It’s a new year, and it’s time to reduce our impact on the Earth. I will ship overseas, so don’t let that stop you from entering.

And, I added a Flickr link in my sidebar, so check it out!

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14 thoughts on “Just Call Me a Cookie Addict, Will You?

  1. ooooooh yummers! those cookies look absolutely irresistable! mmmmmmmm! i think i would have eaten all six of them in one sitting! i’m a total cookie addict & once i have one, it’s all over from there! ahahahahaaa! i can’t wait for the cookbook to come out! superexcitedface!

  2. Beautiful cookies! I’m the same way with Carrot Cake…just one more bite :)

    My mom LOVES LOVES LOVES Milano cookies so when this book comes out I will have to make these healthier-ish cookies for her.

  3. those cookies look and sound just wonderful! and by the way, 6 cookies eaten by 2 people in the course of one day is not a big deal at all. i can’t even make cookies anymore because michael and i will eat an entire dozen in no time flat!

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