Waffles Before Age

Tuesday was my birthday and I discovered that elderliness is creeping up on me way too quickly. I long ago predicted that my teeth would fall out before my hair turned gray, and would you believe that I woke up with sore teeth and gums?! Luckily I took the day off from work so that Tim and I could enjoy the sunshine and warm temperatures (it almost reached 60 degrees-in February!!!). Nice indeed. 

We started the day by taking a long bike ride up to Flavour Spot, a waffle sandwich cart in Portland with several vegan options. We each opted for a crispy waffle wrapped around two veggie sausages and drizzled with a maple/margarine spread. Delicious! We had also packed along a big thermos of tea to enjoy with breakfast. After we finished the first round of waffle sammies, I decided it would be smart to try the Nut Fluffer too. A Nut Fluffer is a waffle wrapped around peanut butter and Ricemellow. Who are we to resist? Tim and I shared the Nut Fluffer.

Here are some photos:




Afterwards we sat in a nearby park and warmed in the sun while digesting breakfast. I also thought fondly of my co-workers seated in front of their computers… Heh, heh, heh…

The rest of the afternoon included a bike ride to a huge art store we had never visited (future W.I.P. Wednesday post perhaps?!!), Tim making me cupcakes (twice), and an awesome dinner. The story behind the cupcakes is quite humorous and sad at the same time. I had chosen Chai Latte cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World as my birthday treat. Tim eagerly mixed the batter and then asked me to fill the muffin pans. I had filled two muffin cavities when Tim realized he had forgotten to add the oil. The batter went back into the bowl and the oil was stirred in. The batter went into the muffin tins, baked, smelled amazing, and came out of the oven as golden cupcakes. And then… They sank into dense, heavy, rubbery pucks (we decided that adding the oil too late and mixing the batter too much as a result caused our disaster). Tim insisted I choose another recipe since the first batch wasn’t too tasty. I decided on chocolate cupcakes. He let me frost them:



These super chocolatey cupcakes made my day!

For dinner we made Jessy’s Tempeh Meatlessballs with Green Rice. If you haven’t tried this recipe yet, you really ought too (I have posted about it before, here)! It has become one of my top ten all time favorites!!! It is incredibly tasty. We topped ours with a tahini sauce.


The evening ended with a movie and an extra cupcake (or was it two?). 

And just because I love food in bowls, here is a photo of the dinner Tim and I made this evening:



This was a compilation of veggie odds and ends: carrots, broccoli, shiitakes, peas, red bell peppers, kale, and tofu. Tim made an awesome stir-fry sauce and we served the result over chow mein noodles (the non-crunchy ones) and sprinkled black sesame seeds on top. 

That’s it. I’m off to have a cupcake. If Tim isn’t looking, I’ll take his too.

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23 thoughts on “Waffles Before Age

  1. Oh Happy Happy Happy Late Birthday! Your birthday sounds like it was just perfect – I would like to re-live my birthday doing your stuff because it sounds 100% relaxing and delicious. Do you think Flavour Spot would consider a French location, say, across the street from me? And the words “huge art supply store” do indeed sound cool.
    Now go eat that cupcake before Tim gets it!

  2. happy birthday, Amy! looks like you had one yummy fun-filled day of birthday awesomeness!

    i’m loving ALL the tasty eats! the waffles ‘n veggie sausages (with that glorious maple syrupy margarine) look soooo super delicious – such a tasty start to your day! the super chocolatey cupcakes = wowzers + mmmmmmm! (sorry the first batch came out rubbery after stirring the forgotten oil in last – we did the EXACT same thing with some cornbread this weekend. i was making cornbread for a super bowl party (to accompany our chili) and realized i left the oil in the measuring cup instead of putting it in the batter. we stirred it in as soon as we remembered, but the cornbread was awful – it was too tough to cut into squares – we fed it to the squirrels outside (i’m surprised they ate it!)! ahahahaaa! so we made an herby ciabatta as an alternative.) that’s so sweet of Tim to make you cuppies & your frosting job is too pretty!

    i love, love, love the idea of tahini sauce on the tempeh balls. we’re so glad you enjoy them so much! i think it’s about time dan & i make them again – and we’ll follow your lead with the tasty tahini dressing on top. mmmmm! your veggie bowl is absolutely awesome, too! it’s so colorful – and i love how the black sesame seeds make everything pop!

    i can’t wait to see what you picked up at the art store! excitedface!

    glad you had a super stellar birthday! yay!

  3. Happy belated birthday! Sounds like your special day was awesome…especially those waffle sandwiches. I’m so jealous of you lucky Portland vegans and all your vegan food carts. As a HUGE fan of peanut butter and ricemellow cream sandwiches, I’m gonna have to try it on a waffle!

  4. happy belated birthday! that sounds like a perfectly lovely day :) waffles and tea and sun, and then cupcakes, twice! also, i too love food in bowls. it’s really the only way to go.

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