Slinkin’ About

I think the lazy gene has corrupted me. I keep meaning to share my crafty projects progression as part of W.I.P. Wednesdays, and I keep forgetting. My current project is a simple knit worm/snake. His final length will be almost four feet (!), and he will have some fun blue eyes sewn on his head upon completion. This is a pattern that incorporates knitting, purling, increasing, and decreasing. I’m not sure what his role in the apartment will be, I was thinking perhaps he could be a draft stopper at the base of our front door. It’s all up to him though, isn’t it?


Make sure to take a peek at what other crafty folks are creating!!! Maybe you’ll get inspired?! I hear that there is also a mighty fine Flickr page set up for sharing crafty photos of crafty stuff.

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9 thoughts on “Slinkin’ About

  1. awww! he’s just adorable! snakes are one of my favorite animals. i used to play with grass & ribbon snakes when i was younger (we lived next to the woods). what an awesome W.I.P. – and 4 feet of knitting! wow! i love a pattern that involves knitting & purling, too! i love making ribbed scarves the most! i can’t wait to see him all finished up with his blue eyes! yay!

  2. what a cutie! where did you get this pattern, if i might ask? also, on the post below – dijon thyme bread?? yummm… your test photos just have me so excited about the release of this book!

  3. i think this could be considered an amigurumi project! i would use him as a door draft stopper. i need to replace mine, can you send me the pattern? i hope you got a hoot out of your present! i LOVE YOU!

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