Testing Up, Over, and Out

My posts have been lacking, but the food going into my belly hasn’t. I am still busily testing recipes for Celine  and Joni’s 500 Vegan Recipes cookbook, and I am loving it. Here are some photos of the goodness:          


Blueberry Cornmeal Sweet Bread – I really enjoyed the mix of flavors in this mildly sweet bread


Fig Lentil Soup – Addictive beyond comprehension


Kale Pesto Pasta - A great way to get your greens when basil is no longer in season


Lemon Poppyseed Cuppins - Yummy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner


Whole Wheat Garlicky Baguette – This loaf disappeared fast, and I didn’t feel too guilty about it


Chocolate Cake - Simple, light, chocolatey goodness


Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies – Cookies with hazelnuts?!!!!


Cookie Crumble Granola – Cookies for breakfast? I’m cool with that.

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7 thoughts on “Testing Up, Over, and Out

  1. things were awesome and i was drooling over it all – i kept on scrolling down and things just kept getting more awesome (which i didn’t think was possible because it was all so glorious to begin with) – and then you did it…you topped all the awesomeness with the cookie crumble granola! dayyyyyyyyuuuuuum! that’s some seriously tasty stuff. i NEED that granola!

    i’m so hungry now – and lunch isn’t for another 2 hours. ahahahahaa!

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