Snow Bug Buddy

I made a new friend over the past weekend, but he lives in the snow. What?! Tim and I went snowshoeing in Washington state on Saturday and while eating our lunch we noticed all of these super tiny buggies cruising around on the surface of the snow. And by tiny, I mean microscopic! The macro feature on my camera allowed for a semi-decent photo of one of the buggies. Check him out!


Cute as heck, right? I wonder how they survive, what they eat, how they keep warm? In all of our snow adventures, we’ve never noticed these bugs before… Maybe it’s a sign of who will control the future of our planet?

Our lunch consisted of sandwiches filled with Tofu Kale Spread (a test recipe), and a bunch of dried fruits Tim and I dehydrated! We also made our own tofu jerky (super yummy!!!!), but I didn’t get a picture because we I ate it up too fast. Anyway, in the photo below you will see dried kiwi, pear, apple, and banana.



And finally, here are some more test recipe photos:


Cinnamon Graham Crackers - These are so simple to make, and so delicious


Butternut Drop Biscuits with Cranberries – Perfect with soup, or with tea for breakfast, and pretty too


Veggie Curry Feast and Paratha - If you enjoy meals in a bowl, then this one will make you happy

Tempted? You should be!!!!

Testing Up, Over, and Out

My posts have been lacking, but the food going into my belly hasn’t. I am still busily testing recipes for Celine  and Joni’s 500 Vegan Recipes cookbook, and I am loving it. Here are some photos of the goodness:          


Blueberry Cornmeal Sweet Bread – I really enjoyed the mix of flavors in this mildly sweet bread


Fig Lentil Soup – Addictive beyond comprehension


Kale Pesto Pasta - A great way to get your greens when basil is no longer in season


Lemon Poppyseed Cuppins - Yummy for breakfast, lunch, and dinner


Whole Wheat Garlicky Baguette – This loaf disappeared fast, and I didn’t feel too guilty about it


Chocolate Cake - Simple, light, chocolatey goodness


Chocolate Hazelnut Cookies – Cookies with hazelnuts?!!!!


Cookie Crumble Granola – Cookies for breakfast? I’m cool with that.