What a nerdy title, right? Ha. Who cares!?! I’m so full of yummy food that my mind is looped in loops. What yummy food you ask? Maybe I shouldn’t tell… Ok, ok I’m weak, I’ll tell you. Tim and I made Jessy’s (of happyveganface fame) Green Rice and Tempeh Meatlessballs for dinner. This meal is so incredibly delicious!! The rice is perfectly seasoned and loaded with spinach; the tempeh meatlessballs are fun to make and a lovely complement to the rice. In fact, this is the best tempeh recipe I’ve made. Try it!! I can see (in the near future) using the mixture for tempeh burgers. Indeed. Tempeh burgers and some sweet potato fries would be great after a long day at the office!

Who doesn’t love food you can eat in a bowl?

On a separate note, remember when I posted about Portland’s first Let Live Animal Right’s Conference? Well, now you can view video footage from the event!!! The Let Live organizers have also started a monthly series of talks that are free and open to the public. There have been two so far; the next one is on December 28th and features Isa doing a talk on culinary activism. Hooray!! If you don’t live in Portland, or can’t make it to the events, keep checking the above site for new videos. You will learn a lot, I promise. A lot.

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15 thoughts on “Tempehtational

  1. Isn’t jessy’s recipe the bestestever!! I’m so glad you were able to take a beautiful picture – and in such a beautiful bowl to boot. It’s one of my family’s new favourite recipes. Now to go check out the video…

  2. i think the title of you post is awesome! creative & fun! (and i’m pretty nerdy myself!) dan & i are superhappyfaced to hear that you both enjoyed our recipe! when dan came back from a NYC trip he wanted to make something for me that was similar to what he had enjoyed while in NY – so his recipe for the tempeh balls and tasty green rice was born!

    i think your idea to make tempeh burgers and some sweet potato fries sounds rock’n! that’s one tasty combination, indeed!

    your photo is super stellar, too – we’re gonna have to make them again soon ’cause you’ve got me craving them again! mmmmmmmmmmmmm! oh, i just love your bowl – such cute happy whales & fishies!

    i’m going to check out the video when i get home from work this evening. sometimes i get sadfaced that we’re over here on the east coast and away from all the vegan glory in the west. but i’m happyfaced i can see all the awesome talks now! i’m going to make a note to check back for the talk with Isa as well. thanks, Amy!

  3. Jessy’s recipes are always awesome. I love her! And I think I would love these balls (heh, I said “love these balls.”) Anyway, I’ll have to bookmark this because I’m such a tempeh freak and haven’t had any in too long!

  4. I was looking for a recipe with tempeh and spinach, yours was the first blog i checked! An hour and a half later I’m enjoying the hell out of this with a drizzle of dom pepino’s spaghetti sauce. MMMMMMM

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