The Skanky Pumpkin

I don’t know what it is about the pumpkin, but it seems to be making its way into kitchens everywhere, mine included. Who can resist the pretty orange color, roasted seeds, and sweet or savory delights the pumpkin so willingly gives us? Not me! This October marked the first time I ever roasted my own pumpkin. I used to walk right past bins of sugar pumpkins at the farmers’ market, but the thought of using canned pumpkin puree for holiday treats this year made me shudder. What did I discover? Roasting pumpkins is easy and fun! Plus, you can make savory (or sweet) snacks from the seeds! The pumpkin might be skanky, but I love it anyways.

Before I moved to Portland, I had a job working at a local wine shop in Pennsylvania… Funny, considering I don’t drink alcohol, but whatever. During the fall months, we always had a crockpot with mulled apple wine for customers to sample. One nice lady commented on how the mulled wine would pair well with pumpkin squares she makes every Thanksgiving. “Pumpkin squares?” I asked. “Oh, I must bring you the recipe! They are so good!” the nice lady replied. And guess what?! She came in the next day with the recipe written down for me! She totally deserved a Customer of the Year award.

The recipe ended up becoming a favorite of mine, but I stopped making them when I went vegan, and then completely forgot about them – until a few weeks ago. I veganized the recipe, but my method of recipe adaptation/creation never involves writing stuff down. I need to work on that. Anyways, once I make them again and write down the changes, I will share the recipe.