A Waffle

This morning Tim and I rode our bikes up to Flavorspot for vegan waffles wrapped around a vegan sausage with maple syrup. This was our first time visiting Flavorspot and definitely not our last. The waffles were huge, and the fillings delicious. It was a cold morning and the hot waffle kept me warm, and left me contemplating a second (which I decided against because riding my bike with a tummy upset is a bad idea). Here is a photo of Tim enjoying his brekkie:

There are lots of other filling options, but they aren’t all listed on the menu and we are afraid to ask about them because we are socially inept losers… Cool losers.

We also took time in the afternoon to make a big batch of homemade pitas. I love how methodical the whole process is; it’s almost hypnotic. I have posted about pitas before, with a lot more photos, here. Usually when we make pitas, we freeze individual balls of unbaked dough. This time, we baked all of the pita dough, and froze about half of them (the recipe we use makes about 16).