My Stress Remedy

This past weekend Tim and I went backpacking in the Goat Rocks Wilderness in Washington state. The Goat Rocks area is located within Gifford Pinchot National Forest. This was our second time doing this particular trail.

Can you tell who the sane one between us is? Oh, and a perfect example of camper hair… Mt. Rainier is behind our heads.

Mt. Adams at dusk. This was the view from our campsite.

Mt. Rainier from near Hawkeye Point.

Goat Lake from high up on the trail. If you look closely, you can actually see the trail behind the lake to the right.

A sassy marmot. Marmots make the loudest whistle-like sound I have ever heard.

Tim jumping on rocks near our campsite.

Proof that dinner on the trail can be just as yummy as dinner at home. We made soba noodles in homemade spicy peanut sauce with steamed veggies. You can’t see the noodles under the veggies because our cook pot is small.

The trail amid a field of lupine.

Me and snow, with Mt. Rainier in the background.

I have lots more photos that perhaps I will post later. My camera has been acting like a demon and I am losing patience. Funny how the intent of my post was stress relief!

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18 thoughts on “My Stress Remedy

  1. your camera is possessed!! feed it vegan foods, it’ll calm the hell down already.

    and calm down, lady, jeez.

    (that last picture is making me swoon)

  2. I love these pictures! They are all so beautiful, and you’re just a groovy snow vegan! I dream of being able to take a hiking weekend like that! I also love that Tim is so goofy! I wish Mr. Fish would get wacky for my camera!

  3. Ha! Tim always makes the funniest faces on camera! The mountains are beautiful and I’m amazed that you managed to make such lovely food in the outdoors. I probably would have resorted to PB sandwiches or something…

  4. The view you had is insane!!! Wow. You and Tim look so cute together — I’m sure you kept each other really entertained. Your camp food looks flippin’ fantastic, too.

    That marmot looks so fuzzy and cute. I’ve never heard of marmots before…

  5. Your pictures look like they could be paintings! I love the critters, if I came across a wild mountain goat I’d probably lost it, I love goats.

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