My First Potluck (Gasp… It’s true!)

Last night I went to a small potluck for the knitting group I joined earlier in July (a vegan knitting group – too cool, no?). My mind turned to fog when I tried to figure out what to bring… Cookies are my favorite, but savory goodness is also a top contender. I opted for these:

Pizza Croissants

-Make a batch of pizza dough

-Roll out the dough into a circle

-Cut the circle into eight wedges

-Spread sauce on each wedge

-Top with fillings (I used Teese, crumbled and seasoned tempeh, red pepper, olives, and mushrooms)

-Roll up each wedge into a croissant-ish shape

-Sprinkle with sesame and poppy seeds

-Bake in a cooperative oven (I used a pizza stone)

I also made a batch of Twisted Snicksters because cookies control the inner workings of my mind. Yes cookie. No cookie. Maybe cookie. See? There’s no escape!

EDIT: Ooooops! I completely forgot to mention the delicious food that the folks in my knit group made. There was a green salad with beans, carrots, and corn; a potato gratin;  and an orzo pasta salad with pine nuts, parsley, lemon, and artichokes (my first taste of artichoke – so good!).

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17 thoughts on “My First Potluck (Gasp… It’s true!)

  1. that’s why we get along so well: we have cookies for brains!

    also: I would take up knitting again if it meant I’d get to eat the stuff up there.

  2. These are the best idea ever, Amy! And a vegan knitting group! I am so envious – I would love to have more (or, eh, one) “real” as in “in the flesh” vegan friends…luckily I have you cool blogging buddies! Now, how are we gonna figure out this knitting thing?

  3. I don’t think those croissants look ugly at all! In fact, I think they look delicious! I love the idea of sprinkling them with sesame and poppy seeds.

    I’m so jealous you can just go out and buy Teese. I would have to order it and I just haven’t done that yet. Hopefully soon!

  4. Sigh, I really do have a distorted mind … when I think of knitting – I think of an old lady, knitting away on a rocking chair :0/

    Oh my … mmm, I LOVE potluck – an awesome way to eat till your stomach explode (well, kinda) :0) Your pizza croissants look so yummy – what a GREAT idea, too!!

    OH YES!! COOKIES ARE THE BEST!! Snickerdoodles (aka Twisted Snickters) look SO yummy! Can you BELIEVE I never tasted them before?!! Yea, I’m from Mars!

  5. Wow, your first vegan potluck!?! I always thought portland had vegan potlucks weekly or something like that. :-)
    The pizza croissants aren’t ugly! They sound really tasty…

  6. Your knitting group sounds like a lot of fun! Especially a vegan knitting group! I’ve actually never been to a vegan potluck or vegan awareness group or anything, so far as I know, nothing like that exists her in Columbia. But I have been to my share of environmental and anti-war potlucks, as well as fun picnics with friends.

    And the pizza corissants look fantastic – the rest of the spread sounds nice too.

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