A Big Pedal Forward

Three cheers!! I remembered how to ride a bike tonight!! If you read my previous post, you know that I experienced a bit of trauma a few days ago attempting to test ride a bike. I convinced myself after that incident that perhaps I was inept at spinning wheels and cruising freely down the street on a bike. But, after walking home from work and watching people happily pedaling past me, I decided to try again with a different bike at a different bike store. It worked! I pedaled circles and corners and small hills. And you know what? I loved it! Indeed I did. I am going back to take the bike out for a longer test ride tomorrow… Maybe long enough to take it home with me?!

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11 thoughts on “A Big Pedal Forward

  1. oooh! what other bike? tell me so that I can drool over it and wish I was made of money so that I could have just about a dozen of them running around the apartment.

    I just about fell in love with the food pictured here, but even more so with the dish the chana is in. too cute!

  2. Hehehe …. yay!! You can finally ride!! :0) Woot!! Please take a picture of you on your new bike when you got them … !! :0)

    Oh my, I just came back from work … your picture of that naan bread makes me DROOL like Homer, they look so delicious!!! Nothing beats warm bread straight out of the oven!! Your house must have smell SO good … mmm … do you think the bread can be shipped into Aus?! ;0)

    OH MY~ Did Celine made those CUTE ‘wee'(isn’t that what Irish people say?)pins?????? Does she take orders?!! Oh my, they are so so adorable … I especially love the one with the rabbit wearing the scarf <3333

  3. Celine- That happens to be my favorite bowl! The bike shall remain a secret until he comes home with me (uh-oh sounds like a rendezvous…!).

    Cecilia- Yes, naan can be shipped to Australia! The pins came from Pro Kite Propaganda (go visit the website!!), although I bet Celine could make them too!

    Veggie Girl- Thanks! Wait, who’s this Celine you speak of? Hehehe.

    Yoel- Thank you! Naan is so easy, maybe I will post the recipe soon.

  4. I knew you could do it!! And I’m starting to think that I need Vegan Express…everyone is posting all this yummy food from it!

    Isn’t Celine the cutest in the whole freaking planet? Those buttons are adorable…I really want to learn to knit…can you show me!?

  5. Great job getting back on the bike! I’m glad you had fun. I LOVE Vegan Express. I posted about that chana masala a few weeks ago. It’s so easy and so good!

  6. Yay for remembering how to bike! Buy one that you love.

    The chana masala looks so good. I love the whale bowl too!

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