Who Loves PB & J? I do, I do!

What?! Another post on sammies? Well, not exactly… This is more of a sammie-inspired post. The hot weather continues to hold me in a state of vegan gooness, and frozen treats are the only thing keeping me sane. After making two varieties of popsicles, I decided it was time for ice cream. Strawberry Swirl Ice Cream (recipe from the June 2008 Vegetarian Times) and Creamy Peanut Butter Ice Cream (recipe made up by me, but not written down, therefore forgotten). See? PB & J in a bowl! A certain somebody who lives with me suggested that I photograph the ice creams between slices of bread… I have a nonsense filter for such flim flammy ideas.

Over the weekend, Tim and I hiked up Silver Star Mountain in Washington state. It was a gorgeous day, clear enough that four of the Cascade peaks were visible from start to finish (Mt. Saint Helens, Mt. Hood, Mt. Rainier, and Mt. Adams). We packed a tasty lunch consisting of hummus sammies, black plums, carrot and celery sticks, roasted nuts, and some wee cookies. I love hikes where you walk along ridges in the open. The wildflowers were at their peak, making the hillsides colorful (not to mention a haven for bees-yay for the bees!).

Mt. Saint Helens and Mt. Adams and some pretty flowers

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20 thoughts on “Who Loves PB & J? I do, I do!

  1. My gosh!! I’m so jealous that you have an ice cream machine!! Yum yum yum, pb/j ice cream – somehow they appeal to me, even though I’m stuck in this cold weather :0/

    I just discovered this morning that there are no pb left in the house – and it’s too cold for me to walk out to the grocery store to buy one …. DAMMIT!!

    LOVE LOVE LOVE the view of the mountains … you inspire me to hike more often :0) Maybe in summer months though, haha!

  2. Those pictures are beautiful. Glad you had a nice hike! I am also hooked on making ice cream this summer, but peanut butter sounds awesome and I’ll have to try that next.

  3. Peanut butter and jelly ice cream? Mmmm. Don’t you hate when you make something up that is seriously good and you forget to write down what you did? I made a “peanut-ish” sauce awhile back, Brett claims it was the “best ever”, but I haven’t been able to recreate it since then.

    Ok, so I laughed out loud at the idea of the ice cream between slices of bread. I think Tim and Brett would get along fine, they have the same kind of….well…sense of humor. :-)

    Those pictures are gorgeous. What a view! I’ve never seen a mountain in “real life”, I hope to some day.

  4. Oh wow! Those are beautiful pictures! Reminds me of an alpine meadow! I may be moving to the Seattle area in the winter, and I’m really keeping my fingers crossed because then I”ll be (kinda) close to all that wonderful hiking scenery!

    Those hummus sammiches sound really tasty. Hummus…the food of the gods!

  5. I just love the idea of peanut butter and jelly ice cream! I wish I had an ice cream maker!

    I love the pics from the hike! As a native Washintonion, I’m always happy to see a picture of Mt. Rainier!

  6. Oh, my goodness! Those views are incredible!!! CA is a lovely state (mostly), but…I’m getting very jealous of the photos I see of OR and WA. And it’s right in my backyard! I need to visit!! Thanks for sharing~

  7. Damn, I wanna go there! Pretty landscapes make me happy. Your ice cream also makes me happy, but also a little sad. You see, I don’t own an ice cream maker and I’m too cheap to buy one. So all these ice cream recipes in Veg Times and Veg News just make me cry a little….

  8. The pictures from your hike are gorgeous! The trail leading up the mountain…I love it.

    How bout a pb & j ice cream sandwich between cookies? That wouldn’t be so bad.

  9. You have such wonderful taste… PB & J icecream, is like, totally every little North American kid’s dream! (and mine, too)

    The photos of your hike are just stunning!

  10. The hiking scenery looks so pretty… Too bad I would probably wuss out on a hike like that, since walking in fields just get to me. There’s something just icky about having tall grass and tall flowers scrape against my legs. Ew.

    But frozen PB & J?! Awesome! Such a great idea. Hehe, you should add a third scoop in there: banana ice cream.

  11. Mmm, the ice cream sounds so good! But you see, I would have actually gone for the idea of a sandwich- It’s not that strange, after all. I like to make ice cream sandwiches with sweet homemade breads anyways.

    And those are some beautiful pictures!

  12. Hey Amy, me again.I just nominated you for a Brillante Blog Award because I think you’re cool and want to eat your ice cream… come on over if you want to claim your prize!

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