Keep on Let Living

First off, I have been a lazy poster. But, I have been super busy too! This past weekend was a whirlwind of awesome. The Let Live Animal Rights Conference kicked off on Friday evening and lasted through Sunday. This was an amazing event, and I really, really enjoyed myself. There is something about being surrounded by like-minded people that puts one at ease. So, Friday night was a small turnout of people, but there was delicious food from Los Gorditos, and several of the organizers for the conference spoke.

Saturday was a long day. There were lots of speakers and workshops to choose from throughout the day. Here is what I did:

1. Conference Orientation and Opening Plenary Address (with Lauren Ornelas and Elsbeth Seymour)

2. Exposing Institutionalized Cruelty (with Nathan Runkle and others)

3. Striking at the Roots (with Mark Hawthorne)

4. How To: Solo Activism (with Mark Hawthorne and Veda Stram)

5. How To: Dealing with Law Enforcement (with Shannon Keith)

6. How To: Becoming the Media and Getting Creative (with Josh Hooten {check the link for some of Josh’s photos from the event! DO IT!!!} and others)

7. How To: Researching Animal Abuse (with Peter Young and others)

Phew! Long day huh?

Sunday was shorter for me because I had brunch with a friend and also met Hannah of My Sweet Vegan! Yeah! She is so kind! I sampled a few of the treats she brought along (whoopie pies and wee muffins). They were the perfect dessert after brunch at Sweetpea!

Next, I headed back to the conference to see Isa speak about Culinary Activism. Fun, and definitely worth the 3-mile walk in the 90+ degree weather I took to get there! Everybody loves talking about food, especially vegan food, so this was a great way to end the conference. Go bake a treat for some friends, it’s a great form of activism.

Lastly, was the conference closing with Lauren Ornelas. If you click on the link for Josh Hooten above, you can view a photo of a bunch of the attendees smiling for the camera. The photos will be sent to the SHAC 7 folks.

Overall, I am so very happy that I was able to be a part of such an awesome event. I cannot wait for next year!

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19 thoughts on “Keep on Let Living

  1. Wow the gigantoid cookie on Tim’s hand looks absolutely yummy …

    Oh boy, you look so gorgeous in the picture and I LOVE your smile :0) For some odd reason … I WAVED to the computer screen when I saw your picture (my brother gave me that ‘look’ when he saw me waving) yea … I’m weird!

    Wow… you such an INSPIRATION!! You get involve soooo many things, ah you’re such a kind hearted girl :0) Oh before I forget … the chocolate cake with berries and vanilla ice cream = TO DIE FOR *slurp*

  2. That cake looks good. It reminds me of the one you made for my birthday a few years back.

    So does Tim wear a name tag just in case he gets lost?

  3. That cookie is huge! I bet he DID like it, who wouldn’t like a huge yummy looking cookie?

    I love that picture of you, you look so happy!

    Sounds like a wonderful event! And don’t feel bad for being a ‘lazy poster’ we’ll all forgive you!

  4. That sounds like such a great event! I *love* the picture of Tim, he looks like a little kid with that cookie- really, aren’t we all zapped back to childhood with a cookie in our hands? I so wish I could have been there (and not just for the cookie…)!

  5. Aw, I wish I could have gotten there a day earlier so that I could have gone to the conference! It was really great to meet you though- I’m glad you enjoyed the treats. :)

  6. what an interesting-sounding conference! and so cool that you got to meet hannah, and also that cake looks absolutely delish! sounds like a winning weekend all around. :)

  7. that animal rights convention sounds so great. I love being around people who “Understand” where im comming from.. its a supportive environment…and totally positive

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