Two (Too) Full Bellies

We’re back from the Let Live Conference Benefit Dinner! It was a truly special evening, set in a lovely, intimate atmosphere (at Sweetpea Baking Company) with amazingly kind folks preparing the meal and serving us. While the room in our stomachs quickly diminished with each new course, we still ate every last morsel of food. That’s how delicious it was!

Let me begin by admitting one of my loopy quirks (two actually): I get very nervous in rooms full of people. As a result, I managed to bump into our table not once, but twice. The first time resulted in spilling water all over; the second time resulted in knocking over the flower vase and spilling more water. Luckily only a few people noticed, and the table remained on all four of its wobbly little legs! The second quirk: I don’t enjoy having my picture taken, so you won’t see me enjoying my meal. Sigh… The menu:

The salad - Jicama Salad in Citrus Vinaigrette

The soup - Spicy Cream of Sweet Potato with Lime

The main course - Blackened Seitan With Corn Pudding And Chocolate Chili Mole

The dessert – Raspberry Brownie And Vanilla Ice Cream

And, the beverage – Homemade Ginger Lemonade

My favorite was the dessert (!!!), but the salad was a close second. Tim’s favorite was the main course. Honestly though, it was difficult to choose a favorite because everything was delicious. Thank you Isa, and all of your hardworking helpers for such an awesome evening, and for such a great cause too! Hooray for that! Here is a link to a few photographs: Look!

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20 thoughts on “Two (Too) Full Bellies

  1. hooray! my fingers were well crossed.
    we have the same quirk: I don’t function too well in rooms that are full of people. vive les hermits!
    thanks for letting us live vicariously through you, Amy. the pics rule, and we obviously drool. pardon the lame.

  2. What a menu! (Makes my cold lentil salad that I’m eating rather pathetic looking…). So glad all went well, despite the table bumping. I’m the queen of clumsy, so I am a regular bumper. :)

  3. I can completely relate to you, I don’t do well with large groups either. :-) I always end up doing something clumsy to embarrass myself. And often these events require me to wear heels (which I will have to this weekend at my dad’s graduation), which I never wear, so there is always the threat of twisting an ankle too.

    I also hate pictures of myself. That is a really good picture of Tim, I love the look on his face!

    That food all looks fantastic, though I agree I’d probably be partial to the dessert myself.

  4. No worries, I get a little nervous in rooms filled with tons of people too :0)

    Oh man, I’ll take one of those Raspberry Brownies, for sure!! Although EVERYTHING looks delicious.

  5. That whole meal looks so good, and so “restaurant-y”, in a good way. I’m okay with rooms full of people, but I an not okay with bumping the table. I think I may have mild rls or something, because at meals I constantly cross and uncross my legs and usually kick the table legs a few times. I had a beer sampler at a microbrewery last weekend, and just after the waiter set them all down I kicked the table hard, and they all sloshed quite a bit. My boyfriend thought the waiter did it till I fessed up!

  6. no worries…you aren’t the only clumsy one in your family!
    i picked strawberries at scott’s sisters house this weekend, and i am not a strawberry lover, but these ones weren’t very tart so i was happy.
    so happy that they are all gone!
    i love you!

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  8. The food all sounds wonderful!! I’m glad that you got to enjoy it and that we could enjoy it through pictures.

    I’m also glad to hear that I’m not the only one who is so klutzy that the water is oftened spilled at the table, etc. My knees always find the table leg!

  9. Wow, great pics! Everything looks amazing. How sad that if I hadn’t been out of town on vacation I would have been there eating that delicious food!

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