I Saw Some Sunshine!

Hiking and backpacking are two of my favorite outdoor activities. Early summer weather is usually perfect for enjoying both of these. However, as I have mentioned in previous posts, the weather in Portland has been stuck in a late wintry phase for quite some time. While I love cloudy days, I am ready to immerse myself in the outdoors…away from the city.

Last weekend the sun made an appearance for a day, and my boyfriend and I took full advantage! Letting Tim chose the hike often results in overgrown, unmaintained, or very crowded trails (but beautiful nonetheless!). This time around, he choose a hike in Silver Falls State Park. More of a leisurely stroll than an endurance-busting hike, this trail boasts ten waterfalls (and it is just over an hour from Portland, which is nice)! We packed a lunch and walked the seven-mile loop taking in views. We even saw a girl in a flowy skirt and flip flops, which seemed a wee bit weird since the trail is wet and muddy most of the time due to all the water. Snicker, snicker…

I plan on baking up a storm this weekend so hopefully I will have some tasty treat photos soon!

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9 thoughts on “I Saw Some Sunshine!

  1. I love love love hiking to waterfalls, it’s so rewarding to reach the top. The snail is so cute.

    You commented me asking where I got my lunchbox – it’s from laptoplunches.com. Get one, they’re great!

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