The Better Bread Baker

I’ve been threatened by somebody I live with. Either I post about his “pretty dang tasty flippin’ sweet cornbread” or I get kicked to the curb. Goodness, with that sort of fear riding on my shoulders I guess I better comply!

My boyfriend works from our apartment. On occasion, he will make dinner before I get home. This is awesome because I can sit back, relax, and eat a tasty meal after a long day at work. Most recently, Tim opened up Veganomicon and prepared a BBQ-esque meal: Skillet Cornbread, Cheater Baked Beans, and Smoky Grilled Tempeh over some sauteed spinach. He really is the master of baking bread, even though cornbread is a little different. I must admit, I get a wee bit jealous when the breads he makes turn out so perfect. I think it must be his patience. I always sneak peeks at the dough rising while Tim leaves it alone until it is time for the next step.

The cornbread tasted delicious. It was moist, slightly sweet, and perfect for absorbing the sauce from the tangy baked beans. I wish I had a photo of the entire meal, but it was so dark and gloomy that night, definitely not an optimal environment for a food photo shoot.

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14 thoughts on “The Better Bread Baker

  1. Wow, pretty skillet marks on the cornbread! Believe it or not, I’ve never tried cornbread before, shocking huh?! And you don’t need to get jealous at all because every single thing that you make looks BEAUTIFUL too :0) Hope you have a good day!!!

  2. What a studio the Bread Master has there.

    How nice of him to make you dinner, that is so sweet. You should tell hime to give Brett a little hint. ;-)

    And the meal he came up with, fantastic! I haven’t tried the cheater baked beans from VCon yet, but I love baked beans, I’m going to have to try.

    That cornbread is beautiful. He really does have a knack for making bread!

  3. That a sweet setup your boyfriend has. Is he a composer? In my opinion there is nothing sexier than a musically inclined man who can also cook. Especially delicious cornbread.

  4. That is one lovely-lookin’ hunk o’ cornbread! I’m sure it would never turn out that pretty if I tried to make it.

    And you’re lucky to have such a great bread-bakin’ vegan-cookin’ boyfriend. I’m jealous. All mine knows how to do is cook steak…sigh…

  5. Oh how I miss cornbread! It’s hard for me to find cornmeal here…I also miss Mr. Fish making dinner. That used to happen…oh how I miss the “beginnings” & courting… :)

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