Pass the Quackers!! Please.

My walk home from work today was far from routine. The usual four-mile route was riddled with obstacles, leaving me no choice but to make detours. Along the way, I was harassed by people trying to sell me video iPods, people asking for directions, and people making some rather unmentionable requests. Seriously! On a normal day I can walk along the esplanade, next to the river. It is quiet and scenic. Today was the exact opposite. With the annual Rose Festival going on, some minor construction, and a bunch of other nonsense, it took me much longer to reach the solace of my apartment. By the time I put my key in the door, I was hungry, moody, and tired. But something changed all of that…something that was waiting patiently for me in my mailbox…something from Celine! I ran upstairs with my last wee bit of energy, slammed my door and collapsed on the futon. Holding the package, I couldn’t help but think “Please be a treat, please be a treat, please be a treat…(greedlessly of course)”

It was a treat! Packaged so carefully in one of the biodegradable bags I sent Celine were Cheezy Quackers! Just what I needed! There was, however, a delay. A sticker on the packaging was warning me: DO NOT OPEN UNDER ANY CIRCUMSTANCES. I contemplated what to do. And then I opened the bag and ate about two dozen quackers. These savory crackers are incredibly addictive. Thank you so much Celine, for the awesome gift!