Black Hole Sorbet

Yikes. I think this dessert is dangerous. It gave me the fidgets. It made my teeth creepily black. It tasted so rich and chocolaty…

I adapted this recipe slightly from one I’d found online for a plain chocolate sorbet. Since I had recently purchased some black cocoa powder and chocolate extract, I subbed these for regular cocoa powder and vanilla extract. The result was so dark and rich that my boyfriend named it Black Hole Sorbet. And honestly? You only need one small scoop to be satisfied for the entire day. We mistakenly ate more (unknowingly, of course!) and were left with endless energy and buzzing insides. Unfortunately, I cannot remember where I found the recipe, so if anybody is interested, let me know and I will e-mail it to you. The wee bits of chocolate in this sorbet add a lovely “crunchy” texture.

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25 thoughts on “Black Hole Sorbet

  1. Man, that sounds like one killer sorbet..! I would have thought that black cocoa might be too bitter, but that sounds intensely delicious.

    I’m so impressed that someone’s already made those magnets, and they look almost identical to my set, too!

  2. I’m so glad you like the magnets. I definitely got the better end of the trade with the cookies, though :)

    That sorbet looks so delicious. Probably dangerously so!

  3. Chocolate sorbet? Woha…sounds like something I’d have eaten when I was a kid just to show people my tongue all black! :)
    That burger is making me hungry…

  4. Those magnets are too adorable — I love that they’re posing with their real-fruit counterparts!

    I have an ice cream maker and black cocoa powder, and I’m incredibly interested in the black hole sorbet recipe!

  5. That chocolate sorbet sounds really decadent. I’ve never heard of black cocoa, is it like dark cocoa or what?

    Those burgers look wonderful. We had the same idea for vegan Memorial Day food, bean burgers and potatoes! What could better though. I’m going to have to check out that recipe.

    Those magnets are really cute!

  6. Jennifer-

    I think that black cocoa powder and dark cocoa powder are the same, but I honestly don’t know. My little container just says “Black Cocoa” on it. I think I might try brownies next!

  7. Good Lord! That sorbet looks deadly!! Can you please email me the recipe? Do you need an ice cream machine to make this, I don’t have one :0( I’ve now bookmarked your burger recipe (looks so good) … will make it someday soon! and the sweet potato fries look heaps better than the usual fries ^^ Have a great day

  8. I NEED to make those burgers– the recipe has been stuck to my fridge now since you (and atxvegn) posted about it.
    Must. Find. Time.

    Wow, the sorbet is soooo black! Hopefully I can get to a baking supply shop soon, so I can get some of this fun-looking cocoa powder.

  9. Wow, I am delighted to see this sorbet. It looks scrumptious.

    Thanks for answering me about the cookies. I’m going to be taking them on a trip and wanted the frosting a bit harder. I have a recipe that works pretty good so I think I’ll use your cookie recipe and then use my frosting recipe (with lemon as the liquid).

  10. Wow–that sorbet looks totally decadent and something I’d love to try this summer (if it every arrives here!). Can I request the recipe, too?

    Just found your blog courtesy of Celine and am thrilled that I did–can’t wait to go back and read your earlier entries! (Oh, and I LOVE your blog template!) ;)

  11. I can understand why it would be difficult to stop after eating just one scoop..

    Oh, this reminds me to post my memorial day burger! Looks like yours turned out well.

    Oh and those magnets are the cutest!!

  12. Black hole sorbet??? The fact that it’s chocolate sorbert aside, that is the coolest sounding dessert name ever and I kinda really need to make this! Recipe, huh huh huh? :D

  13. I must say that black hole sorbet looks right up my alley!! it looks chocolatey and decadent and well BEAUIFULLY CHOCOLATE!!!

    I love sweet potato fries and your look PERFECT…

    i love you blog by the wyay

  14. Yes, the poor Soul Burger recipe, indeed! I might just be the laziest person ever. I am so good at picking out recipes I want to try, but then never get around to making them. But I WILL make that recipe sometime this June– I’m making a promise to myself hehe.

  15. The black hole sorbet looks like something that you’d eat and then have a few “lost hours”, only to wake up with vague bits of glitter and maybe some leaves stuck to your clothes, having no idea where you’ve been or what you did. ;-) And those fruit magnets make me want to weep with happiness.

  16. oh heavens, yes. black hole sorbet recipe, please. i am the epitome of all things darkest-dark chocolate. well, not me physically, but oh how my tastebuds and stomach beg for the such. or something.

    anywho, those magnets are too cute. if i had them i’d probably get lost playing with them for hours, lining them up, arranging, creating stories and such.
    i’m such a child.

    oh, i just thought…will i need an ice-cream maker for the sorbet?

  17. Hi! Nice blog…your recipes look delicious! Could you email me the black hole sorbet recipe? I would greatly appreciate it!

    And, about your burger….are the buns really really soft and fluffy? I’m looking for a really soft whole wheat bun recipe to make.


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