For the Sea Lions…and a Giveaway

This is a very sad post (with a happy giveaway at the end). Sometimes life can be fulfilling, and other times you just want to sink into a hole and hide (well I do anyway). I am not sure how many of you have heard about the deaths of seven sea lions here in Oregon, on the Columbia River, but the news is a shock to animal lovers. To save myself from having to type out the details, you can read the news stories with these links (here and here). This really breaks me to pieces, and brings to light how cruel and heartless and greedy some people in our world are. While there have been continual updates and rotating theories on how these sea lions died, the truth is, they would not have died if they were not in traps.


My first close encounter with sea lions occurred when I was living and traveling around New Zealand for a year. My boyfriend and I had made our way to the South Island, near Invercargill, and were walking along the coast. Watching the waves, we could see this wobbly, bobbing shape coming toward us…what was it? A sea lion! It was coming to rest in the sand. It was awesome watching the sea lion slowly cruise along the sand to a cozy spot. There was no fear from the animal toward us, nor us toward the animal. But, there was a connection (of course!). After a few moments, two or three more sea lions emerged from the water and dragged themselves to rest. Smelly as they were, it was hard to walk away…

When I am depressed for any reason, I turn to baking, which is my solace (whether I am happy or sad). So, in honor of these passing sea lions, and in salute to World Ocean Day on June 8th (the link below might actually be for last year’s World Ocean Day, but still!), I am having a giveaway! Yep. Free stuff!

All you lovely readers have to do is leave a comment about your favorite sea creature (in keeping with the World Ocean Day theme). Make sure to leave your comment by Friday, May 16th (midnight Pacific Standard Time). I will randomly select a comment, and the winner will receive a variety of homemade vegan cookies!! Cookies make me happy, as I have mentioned in previous posts. So, cookies ought to make others happy as well, right?! The whole idea of this giveaway is simply to honor these sea lions, and all animals whose lives are taken from them unjustly. OK? OK!

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23 thoughts on “For the Sea Lions…and a Giveaway

  1. My favorite sea animal is the manta ray. They seem like such gentle giants, appreciating touch, and allowing other sea creatures to ride on them as they swim. :)

  2. Unfortunately I DID hear about the sea lion deaths – absolutely infuriating and devastating.

    I have always been fascinated by the seahorse – and I find it hilarious that the male seahorse is the one who is pregnant, haha ;0)

  3. I have been reading about the sea lions too. I don’t think I’ll ever understand what’s wrong with us as a species.

    Favorite sea creature is a tough choice! I think giant squids and whale sharks are fascinating, but hardly cute or cuddly! Sea otters might get that nomination.

  4. I had read the story about the sea lions, just broke my heart too. I’ve only seen sea lions in their natural habitat a few times, but they are amazing creatures.

    I love your idea of a giveaway honoring sea lions! That is so sweet of you :-) So, hmmm, my favorite sea creature would have to be the jellyfish. They are just so wierd and squishy. The ones that glow are especially cool.

  5. these stories bother me too. i always think of how intelligent such creatures really are…
    as i read your blog, i am sitting with bella and she is enjoying the group you told me about, lymbyc systym. she hasn’t left my side since i turned it on…..
    can you post a good pizza dough recipe that doesn’t require yeast?

  6. Aww that is so sad. Helping animals is real passion i have. All my pets are rescues. My favorite sea creature would have to be sharks or sting rays.
    On another note, those vegan cookies sounds great and I’ve never had vegan sweets before!

  7. Temptation Ice Cream and cupcakes and free samples oh my!
    So sad about the sea lions :o(

    I love all sea creatures… well, maybe I wouldn’t be so fond of a shark if he/she were swimming right next to me!

  8. I live down in Eugene, but I love the ocean just the same…this is some really sad news! My favorite sea animal is hands down the sea turtle…they just seem like really happy campers

  9. I have an irrational fear of the ocean. Maybe it’s from growing up in Wisconsin. But I must say I find the Hammer Head Shark most intriguing. That being said, I never want to meet one.

  10. That is so sad about the sea lions…

    My favorite sea creatures are sharks because they are so misunderstood.

  11. this really tuggs at my heart strings…i hate seeing any animals lose their lives…

    i love manatees…theyre so huge and so gentle

  12. Aww I can’t get over those articles…poor things…I’m glad you posted them though to raise awareness! :(

    It’s hard to pick one sea creature, but I’d have to say the dolphin! I had the chance to get “up close and personal” with one in Florida and fell in love…they’re such intelligent and gentle animals!

  13. That is so sad about the sea lions :(

    My favorite sea creature is coral. They are beautiful, live in perfect symbiosis with their environment, and are often misunderstood (even mistaken for plants!). All in all, I find them fascinating and inspiring.

  14. My favourite animals are sea turtles! I love sea turtles…. To all meanies out there, stop stealing their eggs!!!

  15. I guess I am a little late, but I loooove otters! I always think to myself, when I see them in a zoo, that they are the happiest and cutest animals on earth. Even in confinement they play and seem quite content. I hope I can com back as an otter some day :)

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