Music and Strippers

This past weekend I went to Seattle to see my favorite band perform (they are on tour now, go see them, they are AMAZING!). Although I live a mere three hours from Seattle, I have only visited the city a few times. I left a warm and sunny day in Portland, and was greeted (unsurprisingly) to a warm and very rainy day in Seattle. That’s okay because I made a new friend along the way! He was cruising the sidewalk, most likely searching for Mighty O Donuts (which I indulged in, but sadly have no photos to share).

While in Seattle, I had the chance to dine at Pizza Pi. It was a nice escape from the rain, very warm and cozy inside. The folks working there were super kind. The pizza was tasty, but I must agree with the lovely Vegan Noodle, the cheese on top was a needless addition. After pizza, I stopped across the street at Side Car for Pigs Peace. I was able to spot some nifty items that I have never seen in Portland, including some fun bubble bath scented in vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry and packed in wee milk cartons. Too cute…and wow, this stuff smells awesome! After that, it was on to the show…seriously, go watch these guys perform…

Now, the strippers…hehehe…

Crazy name for a…cookie! I found this recipe in a Cooking Light magazine years back, and usually only make them around the holidays, but sometimes it’s cool to break tradition. You can find the recipe here, and it is easily veganized by making a few small substitutions: (1) use vegan margarine instead of butter, and (2) use an egg replacer method instead of an egg white. These cookies are addictive, and best eaten warm. I always make them using homemade jam, but undoubtedly, they would be great with any jam. I made two batches this time around, a Strawberry-Raspberry Stripper, and an Apple-Cinnamon Stripper. For the latter, I replaced the lemon juice in the glaze with plain soy milk, and added a healthy dash of cinnamon, and then sprinkled the tops with slivered (and crushed) almonds. Oh, and I used an apple jelly as the filling. These are a snap to prepare, and it’s fun slicing the logs and drizzling the glaze over them. The perfect cookie for impatient cookie munchers…they don’t really need to cool!

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17 thoughts on “Music and Strippers

  1. Yum, those cookies look so good! I’ll have to try them. I love goslings, and ducklings too, that one it’s own is so adorable it just made me go “awww!” =)

  2. Wow, what a great trip to Seattle you had!! Sounds fun!!

    Haha, those cookies definitely have a, shall we say, “attention-grabbing” name ;0)

    Those ducks are too precious!!

  3. Isn’t Seattle great? Glad you got to try some mighty o’s and visit pigs peace… such a fun store! My sis lives like two blocks away from it.
    Stripper cookies, how funny. Wonder where they came up with such a name? Looks good.
    And such a cute little goose!!

  4. i love your close-up of the strippers.

    haha, i had to write that! but it’s true – they look fabulous. and the goslings – oh my goodness. i just want to take one home to cuddle right now.

  5. I love goslings! They are too cute when they are all fuzzy like that. In the spring time my school campus has geese and goslings everywhere. I love watching them, especially when the adult geese chase people down the sidewalks, lol.

    Those cookies sound yummy!

  6. The classroom where I teach has big windows that overlook a small lake and a little “nature area”. All spring long I track the progress of the goslings…my favorite time of the year! We had 13 this year. They were from 2 different couples that became a melded family and went everywhere together! Completely adorable!

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