Seeking Out Sprinkles

One of the very first things I learned about when I became vegan was refined sugar. It simply disgusted me that a lot of sugar brands are refined through animal bone-char. That is NASTY. Unrefined sugar is easy to find, tastes so much better, and doesn’t require animal by-products in the production process (plus, it is so much prettier in its natural color). I only use sugar when baking and sometimes in cooking, but I have been making a lot of cupcakes lately, and I was seeking out some colored sugar crystal sprinkles to adorn my cupcakes. After looking both online and in several grocery stores, I discovered that a vegan sugar crystal sprinkle does not exist. Some people have recommended the India Tree brand, but I was skeptical of the “sugar” on the ingredient label. So, I e-mailed the company asking if the sugar they use in their sprinkles is refined, and if so, is it refined by the bone-char process. The response? I was told that India Tree does in fact use bone-char processing for their sprinkles, but that no remnants remain in the final product.

Well, even though there are no “remnants” (eeeewwwwwww!!!!!) in the sugar, the process is definitely NOT vegan. I will be attempting ways to make my own colored sugar crystals…if I succeed, I will post my methods! I am aware of these vegan sprinkles made in Germany, but I really want a “crystal” sprinkle!  If anybody knows of a brand I’ve overlooked, please let me know! I am aware that the “sugar issue” is a personal choice for people. For me, knowing that animals suffered in order to refine sugar is enough for me to purchase and use only unrefined. Compassion for animals!

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3 thoughts on “Seeking Out Sprinkles

  1. This makes me really really really sad. I love sprinkles and was under the impression that the inda tree variety was. Boohoo! Let us know how it goes if you try making them!

  2. have you tried making your own? If you drop a bit of food colouring into regular sugar and work it through with your fingers you can make any colour you want!

  3. I think you can make crystal coloured sprinkles by melting sugar with water, adding food colouring and then letting the water evaporate so the sugar crystallises, that might work! Good luck, if it does you should post and let us know! Or if you find anything else that works either.

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