Today I had surgery, and as a result, I am fairly immobile for the next several days. Two positive things result from this. First, I got a super-cool ice pack that ties around my abdomen and is reminiscent of the fanny-pack days of the beloved 80’s, so at least I can recover in style. And second, I can have a few legitimate days off from work!

The best cure in my opinion for post-surgery discomfort is…COOKIES! That’s right, cookies. After a long afternoon of napping I decided to make peanut butter cookies from a recipe I found in my mom’s recipe box a while ago. I liked these very much.


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10 thoughts on “Post-Op

  1. I agree with Romina– the cookies look like the perfect “get-well” snack.

    As for my Easter dress, I WISH I were talented enough to have made it by hand! I can sew a little, but am nowhere near good enough to make a pretty dress!

  2. Awwwh ! You’re so cute. ^^ I love that owl.
    I love taking pictures of animals. I was driving with my mom today and we saw a bunch of ducks in the pond and I stopped to take pictures. :)

    I reaaally recommend the cupcakes! I wish I would’ve gotten a picture of the inside – they were so moist.

    What a perfect way to spend Earth Hour, too ! I wish I could’ve been doing that rather than working at Timmies. Uuugh.

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