Pita Surplus, a Mini Post

Well, since I have an overwhelming surplus of frozen pita ball dough in my freezer, tonight seemed like a good night for falafel. The best part about pita is that you can freeze the dough balls and then thaw and bake them in a snap! The falafel recipe is from Vegan with a Vengeance. Although I must admit, I did not make these. My boyfriend did. So he deserves the credit! It was nice to come home from work, sit my lazy self down, and eat some falafel…sooooo good (and big step for me…there was an entire onion in the falafel! so hooray, I ate onion). Dessert was a chocolate wacky cake (recipe from one of Mollie Katzen’s cookbooks for kids, I think it was Honest Pretzels) and some chocolate-mint-fudge soy ice cream. Sadly, there are no photos, but trust me when I say that everything was top notch delicious!


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6 thoughts on “Pita Surplus, a Mini Post

  1. oh yummy ! lucky of you to have such a nice boyfriend :)

    how was the chocolate-mint-fudge soy icecream? i’ve seen it in the grocery store but i’m a bit sceptic. :P i tried just regular chocolate chunk but the shavings of chocolate made an awful texture.

  2. that all looks *amazing*. I keep flipping past the falafal recipe but I see now I’ve gotta try those!
    and I really like your blog, great photos! :)

  3. Yum – that falafel looks great! And it was so sweet of your bf to make it for you!

    Also, congrats on eating a veggie (onions) that you don’t seem to like – it’ll get better, I promise! Just don’t ask me to eat mushrooms any time soon… yuck! LOL!

  4. Ooh, what a pretty & colorful picture! Falafel is quickly becoming one of my staples, as I recently discovered the handy falafel-mix-in-a-box. :) I’m jealous of your ice cream. And freezing balls of pita dough?! Genius, right there.

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