Growing into Veggies

Growing up as a child, I was an insanely picky eater (and very unruly as well)…the worst. If my mom put a vegetable (almost any vegetable) on a plate in front of me, I can guarantee you I didn’t eat it. In fact, the kitchen table at my parent’s house still has dents on it that I left from bashing a spoon against it, in protest of eating mashed potatoes (repressed memory creeping up on me here). My mom once made me sit at the dinner table with peas smeared on my cheeks because I wouldn’t eat them (my mom isn’t mean…trust me!). But, nothing…NOTHING, compared to my dislike for the lovely onion. In college, I put tomato sauce through a sieve to remove onion, and I would dissect every meal until each little bit of onion was safely piled up on the opposite side of my plate. Gag. My point? Well, I am proud to say I am no longer so terribly fussy. I actually love veggies! I am still working on the onions…but I certainly do not throw fits at the dinner table anymore!

With that unnecessary intro, Easter dinner (and dessert) both contained veggies! Since my family and my boyfriend’s family all live back east, we have spent the last seven or so Easter holidays by ourselves…which is still very fun!

On to some food!

Our dinner consisted of the Tempeh and Green Beans with Mushroom Miso Gravy over Quinoa (from one of my favorite cookbooks, Vegan Express), and a side of mashed sweet potatoes. This meal had plenty of mushrooms, red pepper, green beans, carrots, and… mashed potatoes (see mom? I love potatoes!).

For dessert, I made the Carrot Cake Cupcakes from Vegan Cupcakes Take Over the World. Oddly, I only had enough batter for ten cupcakes…yummy regardless of quantity though! My cupcakes also sank a bit in the center, but that’s where the frosting comes in. Frosting hides all cupcake flaws. Speaking of frosting, there is never enough…

And finally, in keeping with the adoration of veggies, tonight’s dinner: the Asparagus and Spinach Pizza with Sun-Dried Tomatoes from…ummm…Vegan Express! Yes, this was very tasty. I changed the recipe a bit to flavor-up the silken tofu-based sauce by adding oregano, basil, cayenne, and a bit of Follow Your Heart cheese. The crust was homemade.

Speaking of asparagus, here’s a joke I made up (answer appears after photos):Q: What kind of weapons do Veggie Cops carry?

A: Vee-guns (get it?!) and Aspara-guns! Hahahahahaaa!

Alright. Enough.

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8 thoughts on “Growing into Veggies

  1. Veggies have definitely been something I’ve enjoyed only as a vegan. I used to be very picky too. I refused to eat anything but pasta. Veggies and fruits were a no go. In fact, over the past year of being a vegan I have learned to eat so many new foods. I can’t even count!

    I love the vee-guns joke! I’m writing this one down!

  2. Vee-guns – great! That pizza looks amazing and I’m so glad because I had one of the Vegan Express pizzas on my menu for this weekend. I’m glad you like veggies now. I had to laugh because the only veggies my brother likes is onions and potatoes!

  3. Haha what a cute joke!

    I’ve learned to love so many veggies that I used to hate– tomatoes, mushrooms, okra, peppers, the list goes on!

    As for vegan sprinkles, sorry I can’t be of much help. I just bought whatever sprinkles they had at my Whole Foods. (Also, I eat my sugar cookies plain, since I’m not the biggest frosting fan… I save the frosted ones for my not-as-picky cousins LOL.)

  4. Love your veggie story from childhood… I was a pretty picky eater myself. Looks like we’ve both come a long way! And the cupcakes look mighty tasty. I’ve still never made a vegan carrot cake!

  5. LOL at your joke ! xD
    the pizza looks amazing ! yum. :D

    no need to post a new comment i suppose, but do you mind posting the recipe for the pitas in your last post?^^

  6. I always liked veggies, but onions (and their relatives) and I are still enemies. I really wish I’d thought of running pasta sauce through a sieve; that would’ve come in handy before I learned to make my own! Alas, I still pick out every onion in a dish (if they’ve managed to get onto my dish in the first place!).

  7. That is a gorgeous pizza!

    And I too, am practically counting the days till the Wednesday farmer’s market opens. It’s within a block of my office and simply makes the day better. maybe the week!

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