A Spring Montage, Seitan Gyros, and Something Sweet…

Happy Spring! The weather here in Portland today was lovely and sunny, so I went on a walk and took some photographs. The flowers are blooming everywhere and the bees are pollinating, and with that said…

I made Seitan Gyros (from Vegan Express) for dinner with Rosemary Roasted Potatoes (also from Vegan Express, but without the olives). The pitas and the seitan (recipe for the seitan from Vegan with a Vengeance) were both homemade.

And finally…dessert! The combination of chocolate and peanut butter is a favorite among many, including myself. And since tomorrow is Easter, I wanted to make some peanut butter eggs. Instead of an egg shape I decided on an orb shape. So really, these are peanut butter orbs. Simply peanut butter mixed with some powdered sugar and a little Earth Balance, dipped in melted chocolate. These are difficult to stop eating. I always freeze them hoping that the wait to thaw them will deter me (and my boyfriend, who sneaks these from freezer to mouth without the thawing) from snarfing them all up in minutes. Sometimes that method works, and most of the time it doesn’t.

That’s it. Hopefully I will have some time tomorrow to post whatever ends up on the Easter menu!

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12 thoughts on “A Spring Montage, Seitan Gyros, and Something Sweet…

  1. Beautiful Spring Photos!! Did you take all of them? Wow! I was in Vancouver this weekend visiting my family.. and our backyard looked like your pics. Now I am back in Montreal–snow everywhere, but still beautful.

  2. Those spring time photos are beautiful.

    And how cool that you made your own pita bread!

    I’m really hurting now for one of those peanut butter orbs… I used to love eating the ones you buy at easter. But yours look even better.

  3. Wow, you really know what do-it-yourself means! I’m impressed: homemade pitas, homemade seitan, and homemade chocolates! You are inspiring. I really need to make my own pitas sometime, and seitan is already on the to-do list. :)

    I’m sure I’d encounter the same problem with the p.b. orbs. Maybe you could ask your boyfriend to hide them from you? Or if he’s the type who would just eat them all himself, scratch that.

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  5. wow! you make your own pita?! Amazing… I love how the pitas puffed up after baking…tehee!! And the peanut butter orbs …. OH MY GAWD! nom nom nom…. ^^

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  7. today i am making peanut butter buckeyes (pretty much the same as your pretty orbs but the tip of the peanut butter is left out to resemble a buckeye nut) for a halloween party this weekend.

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